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?????? leyu安全版手机版蔡荣助理教授与香港大学何深静教授在城市事务协会(Urban Affairs Association)旗舰期刊Journal of Urban Affairs 上合作发表研究论文。文章从城市政府企业家精神的理论视角出发,通过比较上:凸阒萘降卦诔鞘猩缜卫砘频囊焱,探讨了业委会是如何成为地方政府和社区居民重塑治理场域的政策工具。



???????? Under the concurrence of economic liberalization and political domination in post-reform China, a new mode of urban governance emerged, involving market and societal forces under the orchestration of state entrepreneurialism. However, empirical analysis investigating governance practices in urban neighborhoods through the lens of entrepreneurial urbanism is still lacking. Drawing on comparative case studies of Shanghai and Guangzhou, this study focuses on the coproduction of consensus-oriented neighborhood governance under the influence of state entrepreneurialism and the entrepreneurial society, and develops a typology of homeowner associations (HOAs). This study enriches the concept of state entrepreneurialism by revealing how HOAs are exploited strategically as a societal instrument to achieve extra-economic governance goals in post-reform China. Our examination of civic engagement suggests a rethinking of the ambiguous manifestation of “politics” and its relevance to the entrepreneurial nature of neighborhood governance in Chinese cities. Our research foregrounds the necessity and importance of studying urban governance at the neighborhood scale.


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